Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc.
We are an independent actuarial consulting firm administrating actuarial services for various retirement plans. The experts of our firm have over 20 years experience servicing countless clients of the pension industry, which includes 12 years experience as a pension actuary, and several years of Watson and Wyatt benefit consulting firm work. Using an approach that is unique to each client's needs, our entire staff is dedicated to delivering services that help our clients succeed. We apply a strong work ethic that is team oriented and have an avid sense of responsibility to our client's success.
Since we do not offer investment products, we are known for our integrity and unbiased professional approach when working for or on behalf of our clients
Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes and have many advantages. They can fit various different types of businesses, companies and corporations and be a great benefit for highly valued employee(s) and/or provide tax shelters. A.C.G. offers real customized solutions for each of our client's specific goals and needs.
Our services are perfectly tailored for small or large companies that range in size from one person to hundreds of employees. Our elite client base includes medical doctors, attorneys, CPA's, and other various business owners.
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10 Pointe Drive, Suite 155, Brea, CA 92821
Tel: (626) 581-8210 Fax: (626) 581-8310 Email:

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